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Penny Winter, an eccentric and clever 18-year-old, accidentally stumbles upon the aftermath of a brutal crime. Given no choice, she swiftly vanishes into the night, abandoning her loving parents and the sleepy college town where she was raised. Bewildered by life on the road, disturbed by the memory of that fateful night, and tortured by her longing to return to life as she knew it, Penny finds an unexpected home in a trailer park. There, she meets an enchanting misfit who teaches her that she can bloom, even in a place where nothing grows.

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The Unfolding is a unique collection of 21 tiny tales. These are the smallest of stories, torn from the chapters of my life. The wildflower childhood, the wayward wandering, the howling motherhood. The arms that have held me, the strangers that have inspired me, the words that have nourished me. The nightmares, the dreams, the art, the grief, the love. I have stitched my stories together with healing ink, now I invite you to unfold with me.