visual prose and poetry. 

Though creative writing is my first love, I have also been a keen appreciator of visual art for as long as I can remember. I recall sitting in the closet of my childhood bedroom leafing through my mother’s college art history books while painting with oils on canvas for hours a day. When I was a young teen, I traveled to Washington, D.C. and spent days of the trip wandering the halls of the National Gallery of Art utterly awestruck. As a young adult, I visited Florence, Italy and found myself humbled and moved by Uffizi Gallery and Galleria dell’Accademia, and by the greatness of Santa Maria del Fiore and the romance of Ponte Vecchio. I often use fine art, architecture, and photography as inspiration for my writing, but I only recently began using my drawings and paintings as visual companions to my words. Because I feel that this fusion of the written and the visual is incredibly captivating to a modern audience, I would like to offer my illustrative services to writers looking to share their work visually. If you are interested in hiring me, continue reading below.

-Annabelle Fern



Custom Illustrations for Writers: $25/per illustrated poem or piece of prose. Contact me via email at with your name and the poem or piece of prose you wish to have illustrated. You may share your vision with me if you have a specific image or object that you would like to have illustrated to accompany your writing, or if you don’t have something in mind, I am happy to brainstorm ideas with you based on the content of your poetry or prose. I will combine your custom illustration with your writing in a high-resolution file formatted for you to use on social media or in printed book copies.