This week has been sort of hazy. I have been in this state of malaise that is only amplified by the dreary drizzle outside my windows, and the cold that I woke up with this morning. I've been very inward, and as a result, some really tough topics have been coming up for me.

I've been writing about a lot of painful memories. Grief, abuse, growing pains. It hurts, but it feels cathartic at the same time. I think that I need to wade through this and strengthen my sense of self by exploring everywhere I've been and by not numbing myself, but feeling it all. Persephone has been such a light during all of this. "Take a deep breath," she says to herself whenever she's upset. I'm following her lead and I'm just breathing.

Sometimes, we need to turn inward. We need to unfold in the safe confines of our ribcages. We need to let our hearts beat a little bit more slowly. We need to let the blood run through our veins like molasses. It's okay. Embrace it all. The light and the dark. You'll find your perfect balance if you let yourself, sweet one.

Stay open, stay willing, stay warm.

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