you and me

yesterday, we set a table with play silks and filled wooden plates with pinecones and dried corn cobs. we drew butterflies and pizza pies with beeswax crayons. we sipped peppermint tea and ate fig bars with apple slices. we told stories of iceskating mice and chickadees learning to fly.

you shoveled the driveway with mimi and i spoke with the artists designing my podcast logo. cousin julia and aunt amy whisked you away to play at their house two doors down. i lay on the rug in front of the fire and wrote a short story with no modifiers.

you came home and we dipped bread into hot soup. i discussed the iowa caucus with bro bro and you played with pop in his fly tying room. mimi read a book and harley slept on her lap. we brushed our teeth and i asked you how your day was.

"like the best in the whole world," you said. you fell asleep on my chest holding a pair of heart shaped glasses. i fell asleep listening to your breaths.

like the best in the whole world.