TRIBE de MAMA Magazine


i was very bad at being a teenager. coming of age made no sense to me. i cut through crowds in high school hallways with lies and too much makeup. instead of growing into myself, i hid behind a stranger. 

the day i gave birth, i was reborn. i spent this formative period of adolescence hopelessly lost and i gained a sense of identity the day i gave birth. i found my identity in mamahood. like a warm wave washing over me, like seeing color for the first time, i got it. i could look in the mirror and say “aha, it’s you. i know you.” i didn’t know myself before i was a mama.

even the dappled grace of mamahood could be confusing sometimes, though. i was never alone, but i often felt isolated in my journey. my daughter grew and i sighed into lungs that could never seem to get enough air and i didn’t know why.

it was on one of these low days, when i was gasping, that i met a woman named Dori. not in the flesh, but i felt her all the same. i felt the sugar on her tongue and the velvet in her palms. i felt the way that she desperately wanted to tend a community for the women who felt like they were missing something.

Dori and TRIBE de MAMA provided a nourishing space for women of all ages, from all places, to breathe together.

now, TRIBE de MAMA welcomes its 8th issue. i had the honor of sharing a fictional short story in this issue, and i am honestly freaking out in anticipation of devouring the collection of honest and soft stories from women around the world.

my biggest thanks is to Venessa, TRIBE de MAMA editor in chief, who invited me to write for such an inspired and powerful community. Vanessa, you cultivated a magazine that is ripe with the beauty and honesty of womanhood. thank you for bringing your vision to life and for sharing this with the world.

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