the topic of conversation between annabelle and i while working intimately on this project was the feeling of being enough. as women, we often times don’t praise ourselves on being smart or kind or bold. i’ve spent so much of my time worrying that if i’m not beautiful or perfect or done up, i won’t be enough. i’ve starved myself to try and fit into a body type that i will never have. i’ve grown so accustomed to looking in the mirror and picking apart everything i hate about myself, wishing things were smaller, bigger, longer, thinner, just different. i want to change that mindset and i want to help other women change their mindset too. when did it become cool to hate ourselves? thank you, sweet annabelle for bringing out the witchy wild huckleberry finn fairy queen in me. if someone asked me a year ago to run around naked in the woods sans makeup with a bunch of wild giggly girls, my answer would be very different than it is today.
— morgan
i am closed off from others the majority of the time. i seem to create an unintentional barrier between myself and others in my everyday life. this is exhausting and prevents me from making authentic connections. this photography shoot went hand in hand with my goal of vulnerability. this is me. flaws, scars, naked. i love myself unconditionally. i want to be open and vulnerable to others to help spread this type of self-loving. i had the pleasure of working with a group of wonderful, inspiring women, witchy powers and all! thank you annabelle for these raw and real images and a magical experience.
— haven
may sound weird but this is one of my favorite photos ever taken of myself. taken by the unparalleled annabelle fern who, with her energy and grace, allowed me to cut loose and get comfortable with being uncomfortable in front of a camera. annabelle also inspired me to start writing and journaling again, which has been therapeutic and wonderful. check out her page if you feel so inclined, but be prepared to be lost in the magic she makes with her written words and her photos. i have a giant girl crush, in case you couldn’t tell.
— annelise